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Our mission is to break the cycle of extreme poverty by partnering with local African leaders to provide hope, education and economic opportunity. We have a heart for children, as they are Uganda’s future. However, children don’t thrive in isolation. They only thrive when their family, school, and community are also thriving. Our vision is to see that each member of this village has access to food, clean water, medical care, spiritual care, education, and an opportunity to provide for themselves and their family. Our ultimate goal is for every person in Ewuata village in Arua to thrive and reach their God given potential.

Our Philosophy

The Zozu Project partners with local leaders and churches in Arua, Uganda to provide basic needs, education, and sustainable community development. Our goal is to empower the local people to break the cycle of extreme poverty through holistic and long term developmental change. We believe there are no quick or easy fixes, and we are committed to doing more than just treating the symptoms of extreme poverty. We have been dedicated to researching evidence-based strategies that have been proven to have a positive impact in alleviating extreme poverty. As such, we work to empower the local Ugandans to be responsible for the projects and ministry, with a strategic plan for this village to achieve self-sustainability.


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